Cellar with natural wines

Have you ever felt anything less than amazing after a glass or two of good wine?

Here we love drinking it whenever we can, not just celebrations, and are excited by the explosion of brilliant artisanal ‘grower’ producers in the region. Here’s a selection of some of our favourites, along with a few outsiders.

Walk in the old town

Starting from Casa Pinta, we will cross the old town from the Basilica of San Francesco towards the Duomo to discover alleys, squares and beautiful natural views where you can steal unique shots.

Between stories of pirates and popes, and anecdotes of medieval life, a two-hour walk to get to know ancient Vieste and its beauties in depth.

Umbra Forest

Unesco Heritage, National Park, pristine ecosystem; the Umbra Forest is a fundamental stop on your trip to Vieste. Our professional guide will accompany you in this experience to discover the hidden beauties of the Gargano.

Sea Caves

The one that goes from Vieste to Mattinata is one of the most beautiful coastal stretches in the Mediterranean. It is a succession of small bays, high white cliffs, sea caves, small islets and Saracen towers. From the famous Pizzomunno to the stacks of Baia delle Zagare, passing through the Architiello di San Felice, the thing of Vieste is an experience to be enjoyed on a boat.